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1) Can anyone come to FROLIC Weekend?

      Yes, although FROLIC Weekend was created for queer men of color, we welcome anyone to join as long as they respect the space, culture, and joy being cultivated and experienced.

2) Is there a host hotel or certain lodging in Provincetown one should look to stay in?

      Yes, we make deals with several hotels in Ptown to accommodate our attendees. Hotels and inns usually offer anywhere between a 10-20% discount. Stay tuned for this year's deals!


3) Is Provincetown easy to get around?

      Yes, once in Ptown you don't need a car. The majority of bars, clubs, and restaurants are on Commercial Street and in nearby proximity to one another. 


 4) What do FROLIC weekend passes include?

       FROLIC Weekend passes include access to all the main events such as the epic pool party, several dance parties, and fun performances. They also grant access to smaller activities such as group workouts, discussion groups, and social mixers. Keep in mind, though, that there will also be other events offered as add-ons if one does want to partake. 


5) What kind of parties and music should I expect to experience at FROLIC Weekend?

     We strive to cater to everyone's diverse interests so events range from intimate social mixers, talk panels, and discussion groups all the way to pool and dance parties. As for music, you can expect to experience varied genres, in which certain parties will have certain music highlighted. This can include house, circuit, afrobeats, reggaeton, dancehall, hip hop, pop, and R&B music. 

6) Will food be provided throughout the weekend?

      Depending on the event, food may be provided or accessible to attendees, in which case you will be notified in advance. In general, though, we work with restaurants in the area to provide discounts to all of our attendees so you can experience the delicious food Ptown has to offer. A list of restaurants (as well as stores) that are offering discounts will be provided in the coming weeks so check back soon! 

7) What's the easiest way to get to Provincetown?

      Once in Boston, you can either drive to Ptown, which takes about 2.5-3 hours or you can take one of the ferries, which takes about 90 minutes! We will be working with one of the ferry companies on providing discounts on ticket rides for our attendees so stay tuned and you can find further information on our Travel page. 

8) Can I volunteer at FROLIC Weekend? 

      Yes! In an effort to make FROLIC more accessibile to everyone, we are now offering volunteer opportunities to anyone (including QPOC) who wishes to offer their time and services during the weekend. In exchange for helping, volunteers get free lodging for the entirety of the weekend. If you wish to volunteer you can email here


June 13-17,2024

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