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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I go to an event by myself?

Yes! Don't worry about coming to an event alone because you will be in a very welcoming and friendly environment. Although those who come to the events might reach out to you themselves, there are event ambassadors who will certainly engage you in conversation. You might arrive alone, but by the end of the event, you will leave having found a new community.

How do I become an Event Ambassador?

The process is easy: click on the button below to fill in the form. After it is submitted, you will be contacted about further details. 

What is your Privacy Policy?

Information about our Privacy Policy can be found by clicking the button below. 

Capturing highlights and memorable times at our events is very important to us, which is why there is almost always a photographer present. We post these pictures/videos on our website and social media from events or other activities that include those in attendance.


Intentionally and knowingly posing for a photo/video indicates a reasonable consent to use an attendee's image. By getting your picture/video taken at an event, you grant to MoMM a perpetual, irrevocable, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free right to use in any manner, all such photographs/videos, and any portions thereof, which can be used presently and in the future with no limitation with regards to purpose or time. You also release MoMM and its successors from any claim of any kind or nature whatsoever arising from the use of photographs/video. You understand there will be no compensation made to you for use of the photographs/videos. If you would not like your picture taken or to be recorded, let the photographer/videographer know. 

Attendees who have a concern about the use of their image or who would like to remove their image from being used can contact MoMM via email (

What happens with photographs/videos taken at events or other activities?

I have an idea for an event. How can I send my suggestion?

Very simple! Send us a message about it! We are open to new and fresh ways to build community. Drop us a note below!

Thanks! Message sent.

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